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A father once taught his son that the two things he should avoid ever debating are faith and politics. He impressed upon his son that he should avoid political arguments because “no one ever wins them.” The father added that people are “stubbornly passionate” about
“the powers” that do and do not represent them. Concerning matters of faith, the father offered the same advice. He taught his son that he should avoid those debates because people are also very passionate about the “higher power(s)” they represent. In Str8 Talk, against his father’s advice, the author engages in both debates. The conversation within is an argument for theocracy over democracy, God’s will over man’s way. In Str8 Talk For Crooked Church, Pastor Armand arms the reader with an awareness of
the “Divine Design” for Church. This read will undoubtedly tear down obstacles that hinder churches from being what God intended. Str8
Talk is not a vaccination against scandal. It is, however; the blueprint churches need to stand upright and be strong. While critics of the Church are leery of so-called “Jesus Freaks,” Str8 Talk seeks to bring balance to those misinterpretations by painting an accurate picture of the Body of Christ, along with its structure and functions; as they were intended by its architect, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Published: Balboa Press on
ISBN: 9781452572451
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