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In the late Bronze age, Lukenow, a trader and seaman from Minos (Crete), and Sardow, the ceramicist of the clan of artists, traders and warriors, see each other at a young age and enter each others dreams. Sardow is burdened with the far-seeing eye that shows her of the coming destruction of the palace based cultures from Crete along the Levant coast to Egypt. She and Lukenow have a child but Sardow does not long survive. Her clan leaves Ugarit and moves to the east away from the coming destruction.

Lukenow returns to Minos along with his child and Serena, Sardow’s sister. They found a colony in the west. Serena and Lukenow become aware that the colony is failing and that their family is in danger from those who are gaining in power. They leave to rejoin Serena’s family.

The clan holds itself together by passing down stories and holding open meetings where all of the kin are consulted. They protect and cherish their artists from the outside world and have from the times of Thutmose, the artist founder from Egypt. As more artists are born and cherished, how will they survive the dangerous times in which they live?

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