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It is 1984 in a used car lot in Chillicothe, Missouri, as a group of old fibbers share stories of their good times and misadventures while growing up together in small town America during the 1930s. As Max and his aging buddies play cards and swap tales, they all agree that there’s nothing like stories of the good old days.

Max begins by recalling the summer he turned eight and traveled with his family to his aunt Selma’s house in Denton, Texas. Max thinks he has already seen lots of excitement just in the train trip there, but it is only after he meets his cousin, Gaylord, that he learns the true meaning of ornery. After Chuck confesses that his sister, Carrie, and her baby goat is the reason Principal Koodle banned all farm animals from school, he tells all the old fibbers exactly the reason why. As the stories continue through weddings and funerals, high school pranks, misfired fireworks, and one dead dog, the old fibbers gladly return in memory to a simpler time.

The Fibber’s Club shares a collection of entertaining stories about young Max and his buddies as they embrace all life has to offer during an unforgettable era in Middle America.

Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781475988949
List price: $3.99
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