My father taught me a love of nature and its creatures, for which I am deeply grateful. I am at peace when riding down a country road, seeing the antelope on the prairie, the eagle floating smoothly above me, hearing the unwritten notes of the meadowlark's song, or catching sunlight glinting off a blackbird's feathers.

To describe my writing, would be life, for each poem and story is a tapestry of life woven from the threads of the person or persons who lived it.

Excerpt from "Queen of the Night" (The legend of Dell Burke):

Moon shadows crept along the wall,

Black and uneven, short and tall;

The candle had burned; its light was gone,

But another light shone - the light of dawn...

May one of my poems or story gratify your soul and carry you on wondrous wings down your own dusty road ... for our minds are magical. With a word, a smell, or sight, we are flown back on wings of lightning, reliving memories long lost; momentarily suspended in another time and place.

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