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In the world around us are many mysteries, one is the mysterious leaf people. The Leaf People look like and live among regular leaves but are intelligent living beings. These mysterious beings are reclusive, shy and almost impossible to find. The Leaf people are watching over the activities of mankind and storing this information for a certain time. This time which their prophecies foretold will center on a man who from his youth had a heart for the forgotten friends of man. As a child this chosen one touches the heart of the Leaf People who will shelter and save him. While on a camping trip with his family Philip has gotten lost in the woods and unprepared for the snow which falls overnight or a hungry wolf looking for food. Philip is in great danger. How can the Leaf People rescue the helpless child and reunite him with his family and instill in a young child the love and wonders of our friends in nature? These Friends whom we have long ignored and now have forgotten are waiting for the Chosen one who they will save but in turn they will also be saved by him. This selfless act will fulfill the prophecy of the chosen one. Could this child be the one?

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