The Accident at Sanborn Corners.....And Other Minnesota Short Stories
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Minnesota is known for frigid weather, thousands of lakes, and Scandinavian humor. But in this anthology of ten short stories, J. L. Larson shows a different side of the state via unique tales of conflict, adventure, and intrigue that often transport characters outside it borders.

In July of 1970, at a benign looking intersection in the middle of Minnesota farmland, a fateful mishap occurs yet again! What is it about this seemingly nondescript junction that makes it such a repetitive and bloody deathtrap? Is it the terrain, the weather, the drivers—or a combination of these and maybe a few other factors? In another story, a paper company executive and his wife must cope with an empty nest and the loss of his job. He’s doing fine … until he receives a strange, late-night call about his self-centered, malicious nemesis from the old job. In tale after tale, Larson showcases eclectic characters who embark on adventures that include a disaster on a popular lake, an emotional confrontation in a university classroom, the mysterious travel exploits experienced by a young man with his uncle, and the recurring, dramatic impact on a young teen as his life moves forward following a seemingly insignificant encounter.

The Accident at Sanborn Corners and Other Minnesota Short Stories is an entertaining compilation of situations and themes that illustrate how various characters cope with the unexpected in life.

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