A Lovely Lady
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“The truth is I love helping people to have a good time. I love my beautiful country and the truth is I love my job. However I carry some sadness with me every time someone leaves, they take a part of me with them and I can’t go. So I began noticing things little emptinesses. At first I thought I was just kidding myself and then over and over again they would be confirmed.”

“I started to see how sad people were when they left. I saw with everything they had there was always something missing. Many times on the trip they would be able to forget about those things but when they were leaving they would show up in their face. Sometimes they would tell me, confide in me. I could tell the ones who wanted attention from the ones who had a genuine ache somewhere.”

“I didn’t like you when I first met you. Would you like to know when I started to like you?”

“When someone speaks honestly I listen with interest.”

“I started to like you when I realized you knew how in love I am with my husband. There was a real understanding and respect there.”
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ISBN: 9781483646879
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