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Wish you could find illustrated books for kindle that would inspire and encourage your kids? Looking for fun books for kids that even YOU will enjoy reading? Then try...


A picture ebook that will make your kids feel happy, and good about themselves, at the same time!

Claudia does not like being different. She does not like being outside on windy days. And she does not like being able to float—because floating causes nothing but trouble.

All Claudia wants is to be the same as everyone else...until the day there’s a major disaster at her school, and the only one who can possibly make things right is a very clever girl who knows how to float!

A Personal Note From The Author:
Sadly, I never learned how to float when I was a kid. I tried. I tried many, many times. I tried running really fast while I was flying a kite. I tried jumping off our neighbor’s garage (when my parents weren’t looking, of course). I tried standing up on my bike while I was rolling down steep hills. No luck. I got bruised, but never airborne. I couldn’t float like Claudia, but I DID have a grandpa who was just as patient and just as accepting as Claudia’s grandpa. Whatever silly thing I did (and I did many many silly things) he always made me feel special and loved and accepted. He always stood up for me, even when other people were looking at me oddly (and many, many people looked at me oddly).
Nothing feels better than knowing there’s one person in the world who feels there’s nothing wrong with you. Although learning how to float would have felt pretty cool, too.

If illustrated books for kids are one of your great childhood memories—and you’d love to load up your ereader with fun picture books for your children, then THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH CLAUDIA is perfect for you!
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