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Dylan Kim and the Bronze Chest of Goguryeo

193 pages2 hours


“…He countered using all his strength. A doo bun chirugi double punch, a yup chagi side kick to the stomach and to finish, a gullgi chagi hook kick to the head.”Dylan Kim is a black belt in Taekwondo. He trains hard. He fights smart. One day, a mysterious Korean girl pleads for Dylan’s help. Using sorcery, she sends him back to ancient Korea on a quest to find a missing bronze chest for the King of Goguryeo. There, Dylan encounters thieves, giants, avalanches, the mythical White Tiger and ruthless warriors skilled in ancient martial arts. After solving a riddle, he finds the bronze chest deep inside a royal tomb. But that’s when his problems really begin… Will Dylan’s skill and will to survive be enough to save him?"

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