Many Christians often find themselves on the losing end of a spiritual battle because they allow fear, doubt, and the negative influences of others to rule. This only weakens their faith and allows Satan to gain a foothold. But the time for passivity in spiritual warfare needs to end.

Violent Faith teaches you how to develop a vision for your life and bring it to fruition by challenging you to “Get Violent” inside and outside of yourself. But “Getting Violent” doesn’t mean you should do harm to yourself or others. Instead, “Getting Violent” means that you should embark on an aggressive, spiritual self-evaluation to identify root causes that hinder you from reaching your place of destiny.

Pastor Darrius Geter’s unique approach to spiritual warfare presents Christians with a new way of looking at faith. Geter demonstrates how to overcome a defeatist attitude, develop patience, and aggressively take back what the enemy is holding hostage from you. Whether you have bad thoughts, toxic relationships, or destructive habits, eliminating them from your life will help you to put Christ first once again.

No longer should Christians have the mindset that they must suffer in silence. With Violent Faith, you can learn how to walk with faith so aggressive that the enemy will flee from your presence.

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