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DIE HARD meets NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN in this gritty, modern-western, action story that could make the front page any day now. Set in today’s wilder than ever west, CHASE combines action and the panoramic sweep of a western, with the hot button issues of the border, drugs and terrorism. Chase Garrett and rancher, John Horse, discover that the fence line on John’s land has been cut by smugglers for the fifth time this year. Tracking the fence cutters leads them into a running battle on horseback, in HUMV, on foot and ultimately in a helicopter between Chase, John and the terrorists. The final battle between Chase and the lead terrorist leads them right to the Fiesta Bowl, first in a helicopter above, and then when the chopper crashes, directly on the field, before thousands of fans.
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ISBN: 9780615643625
List price: $7.99
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