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A Statistical History of Rugby League

I always wanted to produce these stats as just a way to take my mind off my back injury and help fi ll in my days but I also wanted them to be as accurate as I could make them, so as I found stats I had to cross check them with other books and websites and to try to be as acurate as possible and with various sites and books and micrfi sch fi lms I actually went through every game ever played.

there are the players stats in alphabetical order then there is the order of Darren Lockyer on 355 games down to every player that just played 1 game, (1 game is still more than most players ever got a chance to play), then there is the list of games played at 1 club and then the lists of pointscorers from Hazam El Masri all the way down to the guys that kicked 1 fi eld goal for a solitary point, as well as the pointscorers at 1 club, also the tryscorers lists from The Great Ken Irvine on 212 all the way to 1 and at 1 club Ken Irvine on 171 to 1 again, then goalkickers and fi eld goal kickers.

then with the club stats I have added in the records for more than 1 try in a game and all the Hat tricks 4’s, 5’s, 6’s 7’s and eight in a game also the most points, tries, goals f/goals in a game season and career at every club including the clubs that are no longer around, like Cumberland who where only in for 1 season.

now with these statistics there may be people out there that are either the players or family of the players that the stats are about and corrections may be needed and I am happy for any feedback, but please remember this is as accurate as I could fi nd with the resources I had available, and there is no opinion involved just cold hard stats, some of the sin binned players I had to go back through some 1000 hours of DVD’s and video tapes to find which particular brawl or punch having said that there is 2 of these stats where I have included my opinion the fi rst is for the Golden Boot Award, there was a period between 1991-1998 where the award wasnt given, so I have listed the players that I believe should have won the award, butI took into consideration the RLW player of the Year the Dally M award, the English Player of the Year and various other Awards that were on off er in those years, the other one and I hope this causes much discussion is in the State of Origin Records, in particular the 1987 Series, if you ask a Queenslander the Game in Los Angeles was an Exhibition Match, but the way I see it if it was a joke match why did they send a full strength Team, so with New South Wales winning Games 1 and 4 and Queensland winning Games 2 and 3 the series was Drawn 2 all, I know that with Queensland winning the Last 7 Series it Doesn’t mean much as they have the Series Overall lead Anyway, but as a Passionate Blues Supporter this is a Wrong that Historically should be Righted.

Anyway that all being said I hope you enjoy the read and maybe even end some arguments with these stats as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you and I will continue to do so in the future.
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