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DOWNSIZED is a story of the internal politics of industry where small businesses become companies and companies are swallowed by conglomerates.
In the later part of the twentieth century when management and workers became subservient to the accountant, the bottom-line became the rule of industry. No industry was more subservient to the bean counters numbers than the Aerospace Industry.
In this 135,000-word descriptive narrative, Dylan, a member of middle management in a small company on Long Island about to be purchased by a larger corporation, escapes to Florida only to find the realities of life are not deterred by location
In a world of corporative intemperance where loyalty and compassion are replaced by the human frailties of fear, self-promotion, and betrayal; we are introduced to the conniver, the exploited, the ambitious, and a father figure with a dream.
Is it possible for the conflicting personalities to join forces under a narcissistic leader, or will they vanish along with so many other outstanding companies into oblivion?
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