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Meet Theodore Grouchier, a miserable man who doesn’t drink, doesn’t have sex nor a sense of humour. He is not a likeable man. He is only fond of cricket and his deceased mother. He doesn’t drive and can’t cycle to work because he keeps falling or getting knocked off. Therefore, he is forced to travel to his work as a scientist by bus. Some of the people who share this journey are unwittingly by their personal entertainment, driving him to commit a serious crime. He creates a project to wreak revenge using his scientific knowledge of a nasty parasitic creature that he will unleash onto the people who offend him. The project backfires as a result of a burglary and causes a spread of the creatures into the South East of the UK. The government turn to Grouchier’s company to help contain the crisis, but will his part in it be revealed? This journey involves renewing acquaintance with a sweetheart from University (his one and only) and a good boss with a just-turned-twenty trainee digital forensic scientist. Relief, Prison or Love?

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