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Somewhere near the buckle of Orion’s belt are four systems, each knowing little of the others, until now. We begin on Core, a hostile desert wasteland covered with red sand and dotted with violet peaks that protrude above the shifting sands. Traveling upward, we find the unique system of Tharcaniah, whose white sun shines on three inhabitable worlds. The moon of the largest world has a satellite that has its own inhabitable satellite. Then, if one takes a diagonal jaunt out and downward, we come to the world of Karphaxi, the home of one hundred clans of six-foot-tall sentient mantis beetles, in which every clan is indispensible. Finally, we shoot straight right for a few million miles and find ourselves orbiting Shagra, a world of feline beings whose territories are divided by a central meeting table about a mile in diameter. These are the worlds of Millennium Legacy.
Published: WestBow Press on
ISBN: 9781449791421
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