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Becky is like so many little girls who want to dance but aren’t sure what it really is about. After teaching little girls like her for over 20 years, I thought it would help them to have someone to relate to. Often even parents don’t realize there is hard work involved. My hope is that the Becky series gives children, dance teachers, and parents, a fun and entertaining look into what really goes on, or should go on in a dance class, as well as in the mind of a young girl thinking about being a dancer or just taking dance classes.

Becky and her experiences will give young dancers motivation and encouragement to not give up and keep working to make their dreams come true. Seeing pictures of beautiful ballerinas may inspire, but it doesn’t help them understand what it will take to become like the ballerinas in the pictures. Becky will be their guide. She can help them overcome the fear of taking class, or performing, she can encourage them to practice, (which is vital to growth) and Becky can also inspire young teachers in understanding how their new dancers feel and give them ideas for fun classes.

Becky can also help parents with the excitement and the road that dance classes will take them down. The stories are written in hopes that some children will be able to read them alone, but they will make great stories for a parent to read to their child. As they follow Becky and her dance experiences, it will help them understand what Becky is feeling, expected to do, and what their role is in her dancing.
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