The Music Business is Burning Down - Thank God!
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The Music Business Is Burning Down - Thank God!

Author Otto D'Agnolo, an award winning producer/engineer/writer with 20 years in the music industry breaks rank with his peers in this gleeful heralding of the end of the music business as we've always known it! Referred to as a "novel rant", Otto mixes his vision of the future with stories from the past to describe how the current state of turmoil in the music industry is actually creating tomorrow's nirvana for music lovers. He's convinced we are seeing the dawn of an amazing age of creativity. Otto skillfully takes the reader on a tour through the music industry with stories that are sometimes as comical as they are absurd.

Can you imagine a world where music is legally free? Otto can and he lays out his arguments for it's inevitability in this sometimes funny and sometimes scary look at the future of new music. A free CD is included with the book. It is by the self proclaimed "Conqueror or Music" - Caesar Bach. Otto uses Caesar's record to demonstrate the crazy path of filters music currently passes through from music maker to music lover. He also outlines how these filters are being removed and why the new music scene will be a much more fun place to be.

While the word "illegal" seems to dominate today's discussions of digital music, Otto explains how most people are missing the boat and have no real understanding of the impact this "symptom of our digital evolution" is having on the world at large. He brings a fresh perspective to the whole concept as he describes his vision of the future for the music industry, which includes much more creativity, originality and legally free music for the consumer.

Seldom has there been a timelier book written for an industry in search of answers. If his visions hit the mark, parents can rest assured their kids won't go to jail for stealing music and musicians can trust that it will soon be easier to make a living than ever before.

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