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Twelve carefully selected individuals venture from their Southern U.S. location to a predestined site to serve as witness to the return of the Son of God. That witness will then allow them to authenticate and spread the message of this momentous event to a corrupt and violent world. Guiding the group’s members to their objective is divine inspiration emanating from an enigmatic figure named Paolo. His choice to lead the group on the mission is a man named is Timothy, an individual who is relentlessly beset by self-doubt and uncertainty.

The journey takes the group through hazardous terrain. As they make their way, they are constantly under attack from the forces of evil. Their primary opponent is Satan, who becomes aware of the mission, hopes to thwart the group’s effort, and employs the creatures of iniquity to confront and destroy all twelve group members.

The reader is introduced to each individual comprising the venture. The nine male members and the three female members relate in first-person narrative their personal feelings, fears, and expectations that they experience along the way.

A climactic battle determines whether the group members are successful in their mission.
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