One Year of Insanity
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The 27-year-old protagonist of this story has everything in her grasp-a beautiful daughter, a thriving job, a quasi-attentive, almost-loving husband, and a loyal dog. What more could she ask for? One day, upon opening an innocent cell phone bill, her world comes to a devastating halt upon the realization that she is sharing her husband with a poorly-groomed, petulant nurse’s assistant at the local hospital. This frightening knowledge means that her dream is destroyed-She can no longer be the all-American woman who can do it all: Work, handle the finances, be a mom and a perfect wife, while still convincing her husband to be loyal as long as she can keep up the perfect runner’s physique. Her divorce, which throws her mind, and heart, into many different states of madness, causes her to seek help outside of herself. At three o’clock nearly every morning, she awakes, sits beneath her grandmother’s naturalist painting in her room, and consults the rational mind that awaits the irrational, frustrated woman who has no clue how to move forward with her life. These discussions, which become the essence of each chapter, paint a picture of the struggles every person faces when confronted with such demoralizing situations. Through these conversations, she seeks to find some sense out of the sleep depravation, solitude, and complete madness and in turn, builds a life-changing relationship with the very person she least expected.
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