Lindsey Salloway presented her husband, Tosh, with a wonderful gift for their fifth anniversary: two pink lines.. Finally pregnant after months of trying, Lindsey and Tosh were thrilled. The planning started that night—what they would name the baby, how they would decorate the nursery, and when the baby’s due date would be. Lindsey and Tosh, like every other pregnant couple, look forward to kissing their tiny baby’s face and counting fingers and toes. For Lindsey and Tosh, however, that dream would not come true.

In her poignant memoir, Lindsey shares the story of her journey through three miscarriages in a span of ten months – from the ecstatic moments after she learned she was first pregnant to the heartbreaking instant when she realized she had lost each baby. As she recalls each experience, Lindsey provides a realistic look into the darkness of the pain and suffering as well as the light of hope and healing as she faced the complicated emotions that accompany miscarriage.

Our Beautiful Babies Dear shares one woman’s story of loss, endurance, and hope as she endures the pain of miscarriage and finds strength in survival.

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