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Recent large-scale epidemiological studies have confirmed thepre-eminence of the Mediterranean diet for reducing the risk ofprimary and secondary heart disease and cancer. There is alsoincreasingly convincing evidence for its protective value againstdiabetes, dementias and other age-related disorders, and forincreasing overall longevity.

The Mediterranean Diet: Health and Science is atimely, authoritative and accessible account of the Mediterraneandiet for nutritionists and dieticians. It discusses theMediterranean diet in the light of recent developments innutritional biochemistry, disease mechanisms and epidemiologicalstudies, and also provides advice on nutrition policies andinterventions.

The Mediterranean Diet: Health and Science opens withan overview of the Mediterranean diet, and this is followed by asurvey of the latest epidemiological evidence for its healthbenefits. There is detailed nutritional information on olive oil,wine, fish, fruit and vegetables and other components of theMediterranean diet, and this information is used to explain how thediet protects against a range of age-related diseases. The bookemphasises the importance of understanding the Mediterranean dietin its totality by discussing the evidence for beneficialinteractions between various components of the diet. There are alsodiscussions of how agricultural practices, as well as foodpreparation and cooking techniques, influence the nutritionalquality of the diet. The book concludes by discussing the socialcontext in which the Mediterranean diet is eaten, and public healthissues associated with adopting a Mediterranean diet, especially inthe context of more northerly countries.

Written by nutritional biochemist Richard Hoffman and a pastPresident of the French Nutrition Society, Mariette Gerber, whobetween them have many years experience in this area, this excitingand highly topical boook is an essential purchase for allnutritionists and dietitians worldwide. Libraries in alluniversities where nutrition, dietetics and food science andtechnology are studied and taught should have copies of thisexcellent book on their shelves.

Published: Wiley on Apr 22, 2013
ISBN: 9781118713389
List price: $84.99
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