Ramifications in Genesis 1–3
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This book is intended to help preteens and teenagers understand God’s word and revelation presented in the Bible. Its purpose is to teach biblical doctrines about God, the Holy Spirit, creation, angels, the devil, and sin through a story that attempts to draw children’s attention and make the Bible easier to understand—make it simpler, not simplistic.
Sometimes, Bible stories may be too complicated or not intellectually challenging enough for this age group, who are avid fiction readers, unaware that the Bible is so much richer with its fantastic beings, amazing creatures, and awesome acts of God, considering that His Word is true and His creation is real.
Sometimes stories are presented in a fast pace, not giving the reader a chance to either process the information or create a mental image of the story so it can impact learning and promote transformation. Often, the goal of reading a lot of information about the Bible, without giving the chance to analyze it, becomes more important than giving the Word of God time to renew the mind and mold the character, enabling the reader to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus.
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