The Deliverance of Sanctuary is a fast-paced existentialist play, with snappy and witty dialogues, quick exchanges and quick interchanges - a tragicomedy in three Acts. It is a Theatre of the Absurd revival with colourful, hyperbolic and interesting characters that engross us during an eccentric, yet seemingly divine, journey. Any strict interpretations would, however, be erroneous because the play is nothing other than absurd. Its brilliance lies in its simplicity, which is used effectively to bind together numerous themes to produce an evocative commentary on human condition as it is, has been, and will always be. Everything that happens is as important as everything that does not, all that is said is as significant as all that is not. This creates a unique platform that truly allows the audience to partake in The Deliverance of Sanctuary by taking from it only what each sees fit.
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