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After years of ISLAMOPHOBIA, here is the devastating counter-attack.

Quoting directly from the holy books of Judaism and Christianity, these two studies are a terrible indictment of those two faiths, and ought to force a complete rethink of what they are and stand for, as well as a serious public debate on whether such brutally intolerant systems of thought should be allowed to operate freely in a civilised world.

Here the author lets the quotes speak their own loud and clear language, then adds relevant comments based on common sense and logic, and the combination must surely be convincing enough for all but the absolute radical-fanatical-extremist-fundamentalist Jew or Christian or Zionist or Islamophobe to realise that Islam and Muslims have nothing to apologise for.

Far from being dry and distant, this book is extremely readable and acutely relevant. There are comparisons made throughout with our own times, in particular the colossal fraud known as The War on Terror, and the most urgent and tragic political problem on our planet: Israel-Palestine.

The findings made and the conclusions drawn are not only embarrassing for the established order but simply devastating for the generally accepted world view.

Read these two studies and prepare to be shocked. The Judeo-Christian “values” that Western civilisation is based upon will never be the same again.

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