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Jeff Aderman had been a lost soul for most of his thirty-year existence. Always a spectator more than a participant in life, Jeff is now reeling from the loss of the love of his life, Niki, and subsequent firing from his job in Milwaukee. After mulling over his uncertain future, Aderman decides to return to Claybourn, Wisconsin, the hometown he once loathed.

Aderman's former mentor, Dean Laskey, offers him a job teaching English at a sleepy liberal arts college. Aderman is faced with confronting his worst fear-being trapped in a small town like his father, "who died without having ever lived." His first day on the job proves to be more than he ever bargained for when a college student is found dead in the campus boathouse. Without warning, rural Wisconsin is suddenly encountered by evil acts, involving rape, murder, drugs, and abduction. Drawn into solving the case with his one-time college roommate-now sheriff-Jocko Middleton, Aderman's life is transformed forever. As an unwilling amateur sleuth, he must come to grips with life-threatening circumstances.

Home Again, Home Again is a novel filled with danger, mystery, intrigue, and the answer to the oft-asked question, "Can anyone ever really go home again?"
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ISBN: 9780595824816
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