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While ice fishing one morning at Montana’s Canyon Ferry Lake, Leon Banes vanishes into the lake’s frigid waters, leaving behind his beloved border collie, Patches. The dog is injured, but alive. When Leon’s fiancée, Becky Wilkes, comes upon the scene, Patches is still clinging to life, but Becky realizes the awful truth: Leon is gone.

Patches recovers, but Becky is another matter, especially when she discovers that Leon was not who she thought he was. His electronic files offer no clues about his past or his present, and a picture of him in his high school yearbook is labeled with a name other than Leon. Though Becky never wanted to pry into Leon’s personal life, she didn’t imagine him deceiving her as to his true identity.

Feeling betrayed and confused, Becky decides to launch her own investigation into Leon’s past. She finds an unconventional assistant in famed Montana artist Jesse Warren, who comes to her aid as she relentlessly searches for the truth. As the facts unfold, Becky realizes she has placed herself and others in grave danger, but she can’t stop now. Will Becky and Jesse learn the disturbing truth about Leon Banes, or will his secrets destroy them?

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ISBN: 9781475993912
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