The Quantum Pathway
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The Quantum Pathway shows
the way to success – your definition of'mso-spacerun:yes'>  Both stories and research are used to
demonstrate “best practices” associated with quality'mso-spacerun:yes'>  The theory explains not only how to achieve
your goals, but why the strategies recommended for use actually'mso-spacerun:yes'>  Easy to read, this volume shows you how to
harness the natural laws and energy of the universe to achieve your'mso-spacerun:yes'>  You will learn to apply information gained
from quantum physics and other disciplines to your own life and bring your
ideas to fruition.  This new way of
thinking can change your life for the better, in either subtle or dramatic ways
-- it is your choice!  Bringing together
science, psychology, faith, and management strategies, The Quantum Pathway
can make the difference between a mediocre/acceptable life, and an
incredible/fulfilling life.  Energy,
time, human behavior, and reality are all included as areas of inquiry in this
intriguing and compelling dialogue concerning the nature of ‘how the world
works,’ and the corollary question -- ‘how can I make it work for me?’

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