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Another Day From the World of Ro and Mo
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Hi, This book is about spiritual growth and not about spiritual enlightenment.
One has to be spiritually enlightened before one can begin one’s spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is eternal. Spiritual enlightenment suggests that spiritual growth is complete. On the contrary, spiritual enlightenment is the genesis of spiritual growth. Spiritual enlightenment is when one has travelled the spiritual path and returned to God.
Spiritual enlightenment Buddha experienced is an awareness which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth. What this means is that; one becomes aware why one repeats one’s mistakes in life, and remain in one spot until one's spirit rots with the body. With this awareness one can step out of the cycle and begin one's eternal growth. Rebirth is (born again) in Christian language. Spiritual growth is living life with an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of one’s true self and destiny; to know and grow with God. Living conscientiously.
Like in Three Days, in Another Day we give you more from our experiences, observations, conversations, and conclusions, regarding: Life, Love, God. May the Great Spirit be with you,
Matter is that which exists in the universe in all forms, that is visible and invisible.
Life is matter that which is conscious, and exists in the universe.
Man is matter that which is conscious with a conscience, and exists in the universe. Immortality is not matter, but a conscience that which is conscientious, and exists in the universe and beyond.
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