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Mina Parker, tireless mom and author of 365 Excuse Me …(inspired by the late Lynn Grabhorn), introduces the new Hampton Roads Collection of motivational classics. These affordable digital shorts will help the harried and the hurried to breathe deep, reassess, and re-purpose their day in the time it takes to drink a large latte.

The first four of twelve lessons of early New Thought author Henry Thomas Hamblin's classic system to build character and gain success. Full of straightforward advice, inspiring aphorisms, and relentless positivity, Hamblin guides us to alter our mental attitude, direct our thoughts into those channels which lead to success, achievement, health, happiness and perfect good, and discover and develop our innate creative power.

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Dynamic Thought, Lessons 1-4 - Henry Thomas Hamblin

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I always loved the first day of a new school year: the fresh pencil erasers, notebooks with sheet after sheet of blank paper, the possibility and purpose and preparedness of it all. Even as I got older, poring over course descriptions in the college catalog was a favorite pastime. You could practically feel your brain expanding with the exposure to new ideas, with the anticipation of challenging goals being set and met.

So, trolling through the works of early New Thought author Henry Thomas Hamblin, I was delighted to find just such a course description:

THE objects of this course are: (1) To alter your mental attitude, and (2) To direct your thoughts into those channels which lead to success, achievement, health, happiness and perfect good; (3) The arousing of the inward POWER, and (4) The overcoming of bad habits; (5) The building up of character, and (6) The discovery and development of the creative faculty.

Oh joy! I am a true nerd. But you don't have to love school to get into these lessons—inner power, strong character, creativity. These aren't school lessons, they're life lessons, and even though this textbook is almost a hundred years old (and has its delicious old-time quirks), it feels fresh, a reminder of how timeless the basics of meditation and thought-creation are.

I could feel the mental shopping trip begin for my twelve-week course. I would need imagination, affirmations, heightened consciousness, hope, determination, cheerfulness, and a few quiet moments to set aside each day. I decided to take it a month at a time, to have time to stop and evaluate before moving on. So that's what I've done here—offering up the first four lessons of the whole twelve on their own. A month at a time, with more to come.

The greatest gift of these lessons is Hamblin himself, like that teacher you will always remember whose voice comes into your head at just the right moment, saying just the right thing. His relentless positivity and passion shines through again and again, with this essential reminder: to go forward with joy—you can never fail.


Henry Thomas Hamblin was a New Thought writer, a mystic, and the founder of The Science of Thought Review (a magazine still published today under the name New Vision). Born into a poor family, Hamblin worked hard to become a successful businessman. His success, however, never caused him happiness, and he waged a constant inner battle between his businessman self and his mystic self. After years of depression followed by the tragic death of his son, Hamblin left behind the world of business to find answers from his visionary experiences with a Divine Presence. Hamblin's work continues today through the Hamblin Trust.


Do not worry because you cannot follow the course exactly to the letter. Do what you can of it, adapt it to your life, and do the best you can in present circumstances.

The principal thing is to get twice daily into what is called the Silence, to quieten the senses, and get in touch with the Unseen, i.e., God, Divine Mind, the Infinite, Principle of Good, First Cause, the Absolute, the name does not matter, they all mean the same.

Another vital thing is to use affirmations and denials, these will be explained more fully later.

Yet another is meditation, for you gradually grow into the likeness of that upon which you meditate.

Still another is visualizing. Always visualize the good, the beautiful, and true, and your life will reflect these things. Incidentally, the practice of visualization greatly increases one's powers of concentration.

Also while you are receiving this course and for some time after, refrain from all hazardous speculation. Do not launch out in business without sufficient capital and then expect everything to turn out all right. Instead wait until the way is made clear. Guidance and help will come in time, therefore do not try to force things.

Remember that although as soon as you start right thinking, you begin to build up your life, yet it takes time to manifest. At first things may seem to be worse, if so keep on and they will soon settle down. You cannot fail in the long run if you will persist and persevere.

I want you to realize:

That within you are infinite power and possibilities.

That the inward Power can be aroused and brought into expression by holding high ideals in the mind and by affirmations and meditation.

That it is necessary to spend a short time in the Unseen both night and morning.

That by so doing you can enter a super-conscious realm where your word is creative.

That what you speak comes to pass, that what you mentally picture must come true.

That it is only by following high ideals that true success can be achieved.

Therefore, picture a higher life--the highest you can conceive, and affirm that it is yours. Remember that this higher life is without sickness, disease, forward with joy--you can never fail.

Success and