A personal narrative, at once subtle and lyrical, mystical and pragmatic, The Wandering Peacemaker is one man's search for the connection between spirituality and government, An experienced mediator, Plunk combines visionary experience and first-hand knowledge of international law to transform fear and alienation into trust and cooperation. Follow Plunk to political hot spots around the globe: in Dharamsala negotiate the issue of Tibetian autonomy; in New Delhi, as he helps draft a constitution for Kashmir, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan; in Kabul, acting as President Rabbani's go-between for the warring parties within post-occupation Afghanistan. In the field, Plunk watches for the interplay of spiritual insight and political process, finding spirit ever present. He ruminates with a poet's light touch on such diverse topics as prostitution, chi gong and the nature of good and evil, the Mother Divine, Afghani teenagers with assault rifles, love, dreams, and inner guidance.
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ISBN: 9781612832845
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