Being a manager today is more difficult than ever before. In additional to traditional management challenges, today's manager must also learn to manage more diverse teams in organizations facing more uncertainty and change. Changes in technology and economy have fundamentally reshaped not only how and where people work, but also what they are working on. As more people choose to stay in the workforce longer, managers must learn the unique styles, expectations, desires and ways to motivate each generation of employee. And, as teams become more diverse, a manager's ability to mediate and resolve conflicts becomes even more important.

Workers today are also accustomed to working temporarily, or permanently, off site. We are seeing virtual and remote employees becoming more of the norm, instead of the exception. This shift in where people work means that managers accustomed to completely co-located teams must adapt and find new ways to delegate, maintain teamwork, monitor work performance and conduct effective meetings. Follow along in this Management Bibliography to learn how to excel in all of these areas of management and more.

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