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Dragon Alliance Dark Storm
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The Dragon Alliance Republic, the beacon of light and hope of freedom for the world, is now being threatened by dark clouds on its horizon. In Dark Storm, the second book in the Dragon Alliance series, the dragons and sorcerers of the Morgathian Empire on the offensive.
Mkel and his might gold dragon, Gallanth – the most powerful rider and dragon in the Alliance – are faced with both formidable challenges from the evil chromatic dragons as well as difficult decisions that could cost their lives and those of their soldiers. They must also be on guard as their adversary, the evil arch dragon Tiamat and her Talon Covenant, starts to execute their diabolical plan.
Meanwhile, a large-scale battle erupts in the fire giant lands as their huge army tries to invade the eastern border of the Alliance. The dragon riders, targeted by a secret order of assassins, must prepare to fight the deadliest threat the Alliance has since the Great War.
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