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Rarely does success or failure result from one choice, or one lucky break, but rather the quality of your life is determined by the multitude of small choices that you make on a regular basis.

To create a rich and meaningful life you need to honour your essential nature, know what motivates and challenges you and what your raw potential is. If you choose to develop your raw potential and share your gifts with others you find your true purpose.

Who you are today is a result of the conscious and unconscious decisions you made about yourself up to now. Who you will be tomorrow is still undecided. Every time you act on a choice which empowers you, you reinforce the belief that you can have what you want, and your life begins to change.

It’s not what happens to you that determines how you feel and what you can do or have. It’s the daily choices that you act upon. This book is a practical map for making every day choices which determine the quality of your life.
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ISBN: 9781452510361
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