Could You Succeed as a Business Leader?
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Have you ever thought about moving from an individual contributor role or management role into a business leadership role? Maybe it sounds like fun, but are you ready to take the plunge? Find out in this fun yet informative ebook that explores the ups and downs of business management. It also includes a short personality quiz to see if you have what it takes.


Herb Greenberg, Ph.D., is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer, and Patrick Sweeney is the President of Caliper, an international management consulting firm, which, for over a half-century, has assessed the potential of more than three million applicants and employees for over 25,000 companies around the world.

Headquartered in Princeton, with a dozen offices worldwide, Caliper consults with executives from Johnson & Johnson, Avis, and some of the fastest growing smaller companies around the world on unlocking the potential in individuals, leaders, and teams.

The authors have spoken at scores of international conferences and written for The New York Times and the Harvard Business Review. In addition, Herb and Patrick are the authors of the New York Times best seller Succeed on Your Own Terms, as well as How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer, both published by McGraw-Hill.


When you think about all the career possibilities, it can be overwhelming. So often we hear the terms “manager,” “leader,” and “entrepreneur,” but what do those people really do? And could you do it too?

This series of ebooks by Caliper’s Herb Greenberg and Patrick Sweeney explores that question as it relates to each of us, and gives us an answer to the question, “Could you succeed as…?”

Each ebook talks about the personality traits needed to succeed in that role and how to determine if you have those traits. The authors also spoke extensively with those who have succeeded in the position—and those who failed. What separates the two? These ebooks get to the heart of the issue.

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Could You Succeed as a Business Leader? - Herb Greenberg

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Could You Succeed as a Business Leader?

Find out if you have what it takes

By Herb Greenberg, Ph.D., and Patrick Sweeney


Could You Succeed as a Business Leader?

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ISBN ePub edition: 9780795334054


1. How to know if you’re cut out to be a leader.

2. So, who are you anyway?

3. What you really need to know about being a leader but no one will tell you.

4. Now that you know, do you still want to be a leader?

5. Now, go out and become the next great leader!

Caliper Quick Quiz for Business Leadership

Chapter 1

How to know if you’re cut out to be a leader.

Were you the kid who all the other kids looked up to and followed? The one who naturally took charge and made the rules from early on in your childhood?

Or, perhaps your desire to call the shots didn’t surface until high school, college, or later in life.

Regardless of when you first realized you were interested in leading others, if you are going to succeed in the role of a business leader, there are some fundamental characteristics you’ll need to possess.

We’ll get to the specific characteristics soon—but, first, we’d like to point out why certain traits are essential for leadership success. It all comes down to job matching.

Job matching is one of the key concepts that Caliper developed when Herb wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review in 1980—and it still holds true today. Caliper has been in the business of relating personality traits to job success for the past 50 years. Everything revolves around the process of matching an individual’s inherent motivational strengths to the specific requirements of the particular job.

Every one of us has strengths and limitations. The people who are successful in their careers and jobs are those who know their strengths and are able to put themselves in