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Sunset Of Love
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Why do men cheat? Chloe’ asked Mitchell. His
response was to ask her. Have you ever cheated? Be honest. That is not a fair question to ask said
Chloe’. Mitch wanted to know why not? Chloe’ did not want to remember her past it was still too
painful. It was imperative that this time for
Mitchell to find real unrequited love, not lust for his richness. He wanted to experience real true love and passion. Mitch soaked up her
beauty. Chloe’s emerald green eyes were tantalizing to his heart and soul. Her Caucasian creamy tone skin was as soft as silk,
and he needed her warmth........... Mitch plunged into her hot steamy nectar and drowned into her wetness. She seduced him by licking and biting into his chest. He smells of "Versace" and his natural pureness. Chloe’ whispered soft nothing into his ears and tongued them gently. She flick her tongue with passion around his thick well tone neck and bite and sucks with eagerness as he moan and rubbed her buttock. The morning was steaming up, Chloe’ wanted more. He held her down gently, and placed her stretch arms above her head and held them together with one of his hands. He slowly grinded his rigid hardness into the silkiness of her folds and explodes with fruition.
Their lovemaking is intense and meaningful with words of romance and love. He has taught her to love with passion and a weakness to succumb to his needs as a man. For her he has soften his tone, and learned to touch and add foreplay in order to get the high level of sexually gratification that will eventually make their friendship and love life stronger. They are most definitely going to need it.
Will the hot erotic desires prove enough for Chloe´ to finally trust a man ?
A book about both World´s;Caucasian and African American and how they collide.
The Sunset Of Love is rooted with deep dark secrets and passion that will explode at Sunset.
The Saga continues in Part 2 - Sun Gone Down By Motsy Lenier....
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ISBN: 9781479781348
List price: $5.99
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