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A Memoir: Looking for the Good Life and Other Stories of Survival

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Looking for the Good Life and Other Stories of Survival: A Memoir
In this memoir, the life of Charlene Grafton, her brothers, sister and the ancestors before them are revealed. As you read this compelling story, you will find qualities and values you would not expect to appear in their immediate family. Many circumstances could have led to tales of dismay on four fronts but as you follow the adventures of these people, an impressive quality of character will be shown in the names with their struggles throughout the book. This is an appealing family story about the people and the places and events that made me what I am today. It is not about sex or crime stories. True stories tell a tale much better than fiction especially when it comes to family intimacy with their history and choices through the years. This book is written for the adult, senior or young adult reader who is interested in personal choices and decisions with outcomes that will last for a lifetime.

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