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“StrikeStone is a sci-fi masterpiece. Imagine a small planet just slightly removed from our own and accessible via wormhole with two moons, a rich savannah, and a ritualistic culture — and you have Dolvia. One need not read the first two novels to appreciate the beauty and elegance of Atrium’s new world in StrikeStone, but reading the novel certainly made this reader want to pick up the previous two.

The plot has everything a reader could want. Action, adventure, humor, romance… Atrium’s beautifully descriptive style sweeps us up and carries us into this new world. We are invested. We need to know what happens next.”

--Rabid Readers Reviews


Praise for SufferStone: Book I of the Dolvia Saga

“...Atrium’s sense of pacing is spot on perfect, drawing the reader in and holding them spellbound as she weaves a tale that is not alien on our own world… [She] isn’t afraid to mete the occasional emotional gut-punch to the reader either. This author has no fear, for the story seems to unfold as it must.”
--GoodReads Review

“Atruim has created a masterpiece with SufferStone. She is a wonderful writer and I found this was an exciting read for me. I hadn’t found any science fiction fantasy that kept my interest until I read this one.”
--GoodReads Review


Praise for HeartStone: Book II of the Dolvia Saga

“Atrium has added another chapter to the lives of the various tribes and off worlders on Dolvia... continues with rich character development, interlaced subplots, action and intrigue in HeartStone. Readers will be reacquainted with old friends and, like them, try to determine who is truly the enemy on Dolvia.”
--GoodReads Review

“Atrium is a gifted writer and her imagination is immense. You won’t regret being a follower of her writing.”
--GoodReads Review
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