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Carol’s Counsel, Comedies, & Calamities is a trilogy. Volumes I, II, & III include stories, poems, songs, and Bible studies – all designed to bring you into a deep place of commitment to Christ. The process of dying to self is painful. But it is only after we understand the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings that we can be trusted with His resurrection power. Surrender is humbling but it is the nesting ground for all great things that are birthed in us and through us.

The contents of this book will ignite emotions. You may find yourself laughing or, perhaps, even crying. Most of all, like me, I hope you will find yourself learning – learning to be conformed to Christ’s image day by day. Some of the many thought provoking questions I address in this trilogy include: How do we know Jesus is God the Son? What is faith & why do we need it? Why does God allow suffering? Will pets be resurrected? How do we know the difference between sound doctrine versus false apostles? How does God feel about psychics, purgatory, reincarnation, body piercing, tattoos, and drinking? Is it okay to read the horoscope? How serious is gossip? Is it okay to play the lotto? What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? How should we view abortion or mercy killing? How can porn be overcome? What does fasting accomplish? How can we turn from addiction to adoration? Is internet dating acceptable? Should we believe in the theory of evolution; or, are we here by divine design? What are heaven & hell like? What must we each do to be eternally saved?
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