Tempted Knights
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RAISED IN THE TRADITIONS of the earliest knights, Michelangelo Rotolo, Angelo, comes from a long line of warriors known as the Knights of the Alliance. Due to the uprise of missing Knights and civilians, Angelo is summoned to headquarters along with his three trusted comrades who risk everything to keep his vampire curse concealed from the Alliance. They discover that a traitor among the knighthood has been conspiring with Taipan — the vicious vampire who had infected Angelo, who is believed to be behind the abductions and is the key reason for Whitney's fear of losing her brother Steve.

Angelo is no stranger to selfless sacrifices and tough decisions, but in the face of new imminent threats, will Angelo be able to keep his secret from fellow slayers, protect his soul mate Whitney from harm, and save her brother as promised? Can he exact revenge on Taipan once and for all, or will fate strike such a devastating blow that will forever change Angelo's life?

Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781483657790
List price: $7.99
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