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Wings of Vengeance
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Mathias is the first of his kind, born with a power to reanimate a human's soul. He can bring the pure back over with the gift of immortality to help fight in the war that has been ragging for over 1900 years.

Lara, brought over 19 years ago has had two things on her mind, Revenge and sorrow. Time is running out as Lara tries's to finish her quest so Mathias can take back what he has given her, but the Vampires won’t make it easy.

Rollan the first Mathias created, races against Lara’s clock to try to stop her. She is his destined soul mate and does not want her to leave. Only problem is, she does not know.

Will Lara change her plans to be with Rollan, can she let the past go to look for a future?
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