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Transformative Innovation in Education
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‘We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that have not been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.’ [Karl Fisch]

We cannot do this by extrapolating the existing educational system. Around the world we see a pattern of steady, incremental improvement in education that continues to push the relevant statistics on participation and attainment ever higher, but a singular lack of transformative innovation.

'Transformative Innovation in Education: a playbook for pragmatic visionaries' explains how this push for ‘incremental improvement’ has crowded out space for anything more visionary and far-sighted. It provides practical advice, frameworks and worked examples of how to escape that incremental trap: the ‘three horizons’ framework for long term change, templates for resolving dilemmas, examples of where this approach has been applied in practice.

The pamphlet is written for practical innovators, pragmatic visionaries, teachers and school leaders. It takes Scotland as a case study and records work with a diverse range of education professionals and policy makers seeking to realise the transformative potential of the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence. The tools and methods discussed can be used in any school, any education authority.

'Transformative Innovation in Education: a playbook for pragmatic visionaries' is all the title suggests. It addresses difficult issues with a remarkable lightness of touch. The book is an essential companion to the 3 Horizons of Education Toolkit which will soon be available. It is attractively illustrated in full colour.
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Transformative Innovation in Education

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