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One third of our lives are spent in the dream world where oursubconscious carries messages about love, success, and money that canhelp us in our waking life. The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language offers readers the ultimate guide to uncovering the secret meaning of their dream.

With more than 25,000 entries Ryan covers every dream symbol andmessage imaginable—from sex and love to lucid dreaming, nightmares, and intuitive and premonition dreams. Ryan explains how dreams are sending messages about your past, present, and future that can help you in your waking hours. Readers learn what these dream messages say about love, success, numbers, and money. Now you can look up every dream you ever have had and easily find out exactly what the secret dream language is telling you.

From The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language: Figure Skating: Withing three days, you will be walking a thin line. This will make it very easy for someone to steer you in the wrong direction. Jacknife: Within two weeks you will receive a gift of greater mental inventiveness from the gods. Rooster: This is a very lucky symbol. If the rooster is crowing you will be victorious in those areas of your life you feel you will not succeed in  
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All dream interpretations are subject to the skills of the individual interpreting the dream. The author and Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. are not responsible, based on the definitions given, for the accuracy of the dream interpretations.

This book is dedicated with love to my children Audrena, Andrew, Angelina, grandchildren Andrew, Sophia, Anthony, Alexander Taylor, each member of my family, and especially to my late son, Kirk P. Ryan, who is no longer with us. This book is also dedicated to all those who seek a truthful self analysis of their dreams.




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A special thanks to the Mighty power of God, and for all of the spiritual and psychic guidance opportunity I have received.

I especially want to thank my mother with love, Silvia E. Suncin, the late Kirk P. Ryan Sr., M.S.W., and Juliana Sanchez, for their wonderful kindness and prayers for me. Charlie Simpson, the late Marvin S. Iscoff and the late Donna Carol Ph.D., who were my best friends.

A big extra thanks to Deborah Goggans Ram, who not only had the tenacity, but the determination and driving force to help me see this project through, as well as the massive patience and editing expertise this project required to reach completion.

A warm thanks to Nancy Aldrette for her patience and the word processing and technical skills needed to bring this project to completion.

With deep gratitude, affection and thanks to Frederick George Miller, attorney, who was there for me at a young age. He opened a stage of opportunities, episodes, and impressions that provided the perfect interaction and atmosphere for me in my young life to better recognize and organize perfectly crystalized formed thought processes. This, coupled with my heightened consciousness, awareness and reactive thought processes, allowed me to manipulate and develop precise techniques and methods in order to achieve this project.

A special thanks with love to Stanley Chong Kwong; Don Lastreto, M.D; Alexandra Erlichman Ph.D.; Chris S. Manitas, M.D.; Hozael Mejia; David Moon, Attorney; Yuan Lin; Art Fine; Andrew L. Bull, M.D.; Sarah McIntosh; Robert Hernandez, M.S.W.; Richard Sweet, M.D., Chief of Staff; William Waters, M.D.; Gerardus B. Staal; Mojo Tubutu; Ming Mullins; Robert F. Reyes; Aimel Nicole Anderson; Andy Turner; Terence O Mayo, Attorney; Tony K. Hertier; Steve Bach; Russ. W. J. Gilmartin; Joe & Joe Jr. Martinez; Sylvia Borruso, M.S.W; Maria E. Melendez; Silvia E. Suncin Cammareri; Fernando Jr.; George Julio Suncin; the late Fernando E., the late Maria Luisa and the late Elliot Ney Suncin. And all family members and friends who offered me their love, support, encouragement and good wishes.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of those individuals who, throughout the years, shared their dreams with me and allowed me to interpret their dreams. Those dreams were very instrumental in my research, and gave me the chance to compare and compile notes that lend authenticity to this book.


The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language contains a wider usage of word definitions and terms than any one person can dream of experiencing in a lifetime. A great body of information and research has been compiled to build and organize this dictionary through my personal experiences and the personal experiences of others. I have kept dream journals for more than twenty-eight years for the sole purpose of putting together a complete, accurate, authentic and comprehensive dream dictionary. The vast amount of research that I have compiled lends to the authenticity of this material. It is written in the format of a dictionary, including over twenty three thousand five hundred (23,500) entries, with an introduction describing the use of the material as well as full, precise interpretations of your dreams. This introduction also intensively explores Premonitional Dreams, Sexual Dreams, Love, Out of Body Experience Dreams, Deities, Gods, Goddesses & Extraordinary Figures, Spiritual Guides, Channeling, Art Dreams, Low-Awareness Dreams, Past Lives, Reincarnation, Dreams Within a Dream, Recurring Dreams, Nightmares & Sleep Paralysis, Intuition, Numerology, Traces of Dreams, Benefit of Dream Interpretation, Guidelines on Using this Book to Review and Interpret dreams. This book is intended for individuals of all faiths, religions and beliefs. Anyone will gain more knowledge and benefit greatly from this material. This system is clearly a tool that can be instrumental for all who seek a truthful self analysis of their dreams.

Respectfully yours,

Briceida Ryan, San Francisco


The phenomena of dreams are psychic experiences. During sleep, our personality is better able to tap into our psychic level. The manner in which you breathe alerts your spirit that your personality is ready to receive the dream images. Once your spirit is activated, you receive messages that are psychic in nature. The spiritual element creates images in the form of a dream for the mind to view. You may then visualize a sneak preview of what is in store for you in the present and the future. This element allows you to interpret a sequence of images, sexual events, thoughts, fantasies, phantoms, symbols, channeling and/or messages. On occasions of illness your spirit and personality will join forces to allow healing to take place during sleep through dreams. You may experience out of body episodes during the dream stage, as well as the opportunity on other occasions to communicate with friends, relatives, and loved ones who have passed away. The function of this interpretation is to create a language that gives your spirit a voice to communicate with your personality and to be understood.

A description of the three components that make up your identity are personality, spirit and psyche.

* Personality - What we know to be our own identity in the outer world. This is the part that responds to outside stimuli; the mind.

* Spirit - The part arising from a divine power; the soul. The divine part of you is your spirit, and once it is activated and desires communication, you receive that communication as a psychic message.

* Psyche - The energy given to you by your spirit. The psychic message is under the direct command of your spirit. It may also be turned on by any divine power at any time. This psychic message will come to you complete with all the necessary ingredients (i.e., how to achieve your goals, how to respond to events, etc.), through dream images. The psyche is the part of your mind that interprets information received from a psychic message, and puts thoughts in your own voice into a message the personality can react and respond to.

Dreaming is a vehicle provided by the spirit to communicate with and allow the personality to receive messages from several different capacities and perspectives. During the dream process, the body is going through restorative sleep and is reenergizing, replenishing and restoring itself. It is a type of nourishment that we only get in our sleeping hours. This nourishment also allows us to own and retain complete confidence, comfort and calm with our spirit and to have the faith to allow our spirit to assist in the process of healing in time of illness. At this time, the spirit may call upon the collective knowledge of other spirits, living or dead, in order to receive information and assistance that will facilitate the healing process. At this point, your spirit will begin a healing process. You will recover from illnesses at different rates, depending on severity, but you do recover. Dreams serve various purposes and give opportunities to take control of your life in the real world. Only during dream processing does this allow you (your personality) to automatically possess complete confidence.

Dreams provide the opportunity to communicate with the spirits of other individuals, living and dead, who have the expertise to attend to your specific illness. Depending on the nature of the illness and stage of recovery, the assisting spirits vary and seldom do the same caregiver spirits return. This is because our spirit will choose from a pool of resources, therefore, the correct caregiver spirit for each facet of our illness may differ. Not only have I personally experienced this, but this process has been described to me at length by other dreamers as well.

I have documented my dreams for the last twenty-eight years and have interpreted thousands of dreams for others. I encourage any and all who recall a dream, to actively follow up on its meaning. Should you choose to interpret your dreams, then you will be taking steps to receive messages that have been prepared specifically for you. And to receive messages, as well, for your loved-ones, family and friends.

Traditionally, we have been conditioned to ignore our dreams. We have been taught that they are insignificant. I advise you to stress the importance to your children, grandchildren, etc., of recalling and recording each dream from the moment they can verbalize. And to stress to them that dreaming is an essential part in learning to communicate with the spiritual part of themselves.

A spirit is always in a relentless pursuit of pointing and leading us to a more positive way of living life. It forces us to face up to issues that have been left undone, and helps us to prepare for circumstances and situations that are coming up in our future. The spirit reveals to us a positive solution to what seems to be an unworkable circumstance.

Our dreams can be thankful warnings, for we can then take measures of prevention and turn a negative situation into a positive one, completely avoid an issue or handle it from a different perspective so that it will no longer be a problem. You'll want to remember this: you do make and have control of what goes on in your dream process, as well as in your outer world. It is important that you understand this part of your dreams. There are no restraints and no limitations to the possibilities that you can encounter and accomplish in a dream fantasy. If you don't like the direction a dream is taking or are uncomfortable with the dream, act on it as you would in your outer world. That's right, rearrange and change it as you would like it to be. It's an incredible, fantastic connection that does affect your outer world. Dreams also give knowledge about decisions that other people are going to be making about you, for you, or against you in life, once you learn to accurately interpret them. A visiting spirit may enter your dream to see how you will react to a plan they want you to implement of in reality. Depending on how you perform, the visiting spirit may or may not want to be involved with you in reality. You can gain opportunities and greater rewards, and win in your outer world. Because we have a need to determine whether choices we make will be the right ones, and because we want to know the outcome of a situation, our spirit and the spirits of others enter dreams when there is a driving need. Not so much to manipulate others, but to assist the dreamer in making good choices. Dreams are vehicles the spirit uses to allow us to manipulate our environment for our own benefit and for humankind as a whole. An accurate interpretation will also give you the opportunity to manifest what you need and want out of life, because the personality is able to play the role before it actually happens. During the dream, you'll need to change imperfections in order to project what you want to experience in your outer world. Dreams are an optional method to give you the opportunity to rearrange or prearrange your life in order to create your perfect lifestyle.

Now that you know this, make certain that you do not compromise your feelings in your dreams. Be true to yourself and maintain your integrity and valor. Don't wimp out when you are tested or called on to make decisions in your dreams that will affect your outer world and everyday life. Don't allow yourself to be defeated in a dream. Whatever it takes, do what is necessary to win and maintain your point of view when you know it is the right decision. This is something that comes up time and time again with different people who have allowed me to interpret their dreams -- that a person who became manipulated in their dreams, clearly suffered losses in the outer world.

For example: An older gentleman had given a large loan to a young man a few months before who promised to pay him back and never did. That night the older gentleman dreamed that he stepped into an elevator and when he turned around, he noticed a young masked man had followed him into the elevator. The masked man asked him for money, laughing the entire time. The older man became very frightened and immediately reached into his clothing to get his wallet to give to the masked man, pleading, Please just take my money, but don't do anything to me. The masked man continued to laugh, took the money, and walked out of the elevator. When the older man woke up, he was very shaken about the dream. The next day the young man whom he had previously loaned money to came to him with a sad story. The older man gave him more money. The young man was able to get a second loan because he, as the masked man in the dream, verified that the older man was going to be an easy mark in reality. The evening after the older man had the dream he called me to discuss this dream. I told him that the masked man in the elevator was a friend of his who had come to ask him, through his dream, for some more money. This particular dream demonstrated several occurrences that are typical of the dream state. A spirit (in this case the masked man) entered the dream state of the older gentleman in order to verify and practice a future event, and to receive feedback that would influence his decision-making in the outer world. At any given time anyone's individual spirit may enter the dream of another individual, at will, in order to leave a message or to communicate in some capacity. Although the young man was not the one who experienced the dream, he could in reality sense the older man's willingness to give a second loan because his spirit had entered the dream in disguise.

His spirit disguised his personality's identity for several reasons. One was to avoid detection and recognition since his primary motive was to manipulate and defeat the older man in the dream state. Because the older gentleman compromised and was defeated in the dream, the masked man received the encouragement he needed to approach the older gentleman for a second loan in real life. The young man was also disguised to protect his true personality from embarrassment should his spirit self be defeated in the dream. The older gentleman would have recognized him as a thief in real life, and his true personality would have suffered humiliation. A disguise was also used to avoid alerting the gentleman to his true motives in the outer world. This allowed the manipulation to freely occur without the distraction or interference of a known element (the older man recognizing the younger man), and to avoid too much personal involvement in the dream. Active involvement by the older man's spirit in the dream would have altered the outcome of the thief's immediate plans. Personal involvement, assertive action, and a proper response in the dream are important for rearranging the outcome of a negative in a dream, in order to enjoy a positive outcome in reality. Dreams offer further examples of ways in which we can rearrange the outcome. They are discussed in more detail on page xvii.

Visiting spirits entering the dream process reveal only what they want you to see. The illusions created by these spirits at that particular time are the only ones we are allowed to be aware of. Although our spirit is aware of the identity of the visiting spirits, it has no voice and therefore no means of verbalizing, and cannot alert us to the dangers, if any, of manipulations that will take place. If the spirit had a voice, it would no doubt alarm and frighten you unnecessarily. Therefore your spirit will leave large clues by way of symbolic representations that are appropriate at that time in the dream.

Something about this visiting spirit will be exposed (i.e., mannerisms, personality, speech, clothing, accessories, etc.). Your personality can then visualize and become aware of the identity of the disguised visiting spirit. For example, a faceless or masked spirit may enter our dream but a clue to the identity of this spirit may be offered, such as a piece of jewelry, clothing, etc., that you recognize as belonging to someone you know.

It is possible to become actively involved in the dream state and it is important that you not allow yourself to be manipulated, bullied or pushed around by other spirits' personalities who may choose to disguise themselves and enter your dream state to test the outcome of an upcoming event.

These spirits can tap into the psychic part of your personality in a dream to find out whether they can manipulate you in some capacity, or to see if they can verify a plan to see how workable and successful it could be in real life for both the dreamer and for the visiting spirit. Most of the time these dream messages revolve around positive experiences both of you will benefit from. For example, through active involvement during the dream state, the older man had at his disposal, the means to alter both the outcome of the dream and, as a result, alter the events of the following day. Had the older man become assertive and reached for a revolver instead of his wallet during the dream, the young masked man's spirit would have been defeated. This would have resulted in two occurrences. First, the young man probably would not have had the courage to ask for a second loan and secondly, if he did, the older gentleman would have turned down the request.

It is very important for us to really understand the language of dreams. We can accomplish this by practicing each day of our lives to recall our dreams and to actively train ourselves to retain dream messages. Translating the images of dreams into an understandable form is akin to translating a foreign tongue into our native speech. As interest increases, as well as practice, it becomes natural and easy. Through dreams we come close to experiencing the potential of our natural spiritual abilities and activities. Through the language and practice of dream interpretation we learn to discover and retain messages for our present and future. It is essential that we make dream processing a significant part of our daily life.

One thing that is clearly revealed to us is that our spirits are not always aware of the future involvement. For example, if the spirit of the older man had known ahead of time what would occur (i.e., how he would react), it would have been a premonitional dream and would have revealed a complete and exact representation of the future event. Because the image was incomplete and inexact, we know it was created by a disguised visiting spirit rather than an accurate depiction of future events.

Future events portended in most dreams will occur within one to three days, or between five to seven days after the dream. All other dreams that depict a future event will leave clues that will allow the dreamer to identify a visiting spirit and to expose actual people or events that will either benefit the dreamer or pose some kind of threat. This is done by introducing known elements into the dream that the dreamer will be able to identify such as jewelry, manner of speech, familiar sounds, etc. Clues are presented in order to identify visiting spirit intruders or to expose actual people and events. Clues may be presented in a dream state as a series of actual known projected events prior to the unknown main event to indicate and specify a time when the main event will occur. They will be presented in short time segments during the dream. An example of this follows:

A wedding will take place in October. This is unknown to the dreamer. The spirit will attempt to focus the personality of the dreamer to this event, but because it has no voice, clues are left instead.

Therefore, in a dream, future events that are known to the dreamer will be shown (i.e., planned baseball outing in July, camping trip in August, etc.) in rapid time frames. The final frame may reveal the sound of a wedding march, tied in with a previously known October event. This leads the dreamer to deduce a wedding in October.

Dreams usually do not follow each other in a sequential manner, like chapters in a book. Each dream message is usually complete on the first try. Our imagination works with the spirit so the psychic message brought to us will be complete. The clues presented to you (the series of events before the main event) can then be translated into your own time frames.

An example of a warning from a relative is in the following dream: This dream was told by a gentleman who had taken a job dog sitting for two dogs, a golden retriever and a miniature black collie. He was to dog sit for ten days with the job beginning in five days. Although the collie appeared unfriendly, the owner assured him it wouldn't bite.

That night, his son called with a story of a dream. With no knowledge of his father's proposed job, he recalled a dream in which his father had come to the house with a golden retriever. A black bat flew in and bit his father on the face. He asked his father if he was okay and he replied that it would be all right.

The father knew it was a message because of the presence of the golden retriever (an undisguised clue from the old man's spirit) and the reminder that the dog's owner had used the same words, It would be all right. The time frame was important because knowledge was needed within five days, and immediate attention was imperative. This dream was part premonition yet contained clues. I want to stress again that any dream that reveals an undisguised spirit must be taken as a premonition, as well as any dream that contains the element of immediacy (between 3-7 days), because beyond that time span it would be necessary that the dream leave time clues. In this case, the father's spirit took the message to the son via the dream, to alert the father's personality.

It is also common that a loved one, whether living or dead, will use its own personality to alert you in a premonitional dream. When the spirit is aware of something that needs to be revealed to the dreamer it will, on occasion, take on the personality of a respected person or a loved one to give the warning or good news to the dreamer. I have had verification of this through my own experiences as well as through the experiences of others.

Premonitional Dreams

A premonitional dream occurs instantly and informs the dreamer of future events. The following is an example of a premonitional dream that I had when my daughter was very young:

I fell asleep one afternoon with my daughter, who was two years old at the time. It was the middle of the day and we decided to take a nap. I thought we both fell asleep. I began to dream that my little girl was going to step off the curb and go across the street just as a huge truck was coming around the corner. I jerked awake and discovered my daughter was not in bed with me. I jumped up and looked out the window. The only thing that came out of my mouth was her name -- I screamed with all my might. She was just stepping off the curb when she stopped and turned around to look at me. At that moment a huge truck came around the corner. Had I not caught her in time she would have been hit. The spirit brought the psychic message in a dream to allow me to prevent that from happening. This is an example of one of many different ways that a dream can be used by the spirit to alert the personality.

A premonitional dream from a loved one who has passed away will give you a message. It is to the point, there are no abstract clues, and there is a sense of immediacy. The following example demonstrates this perfectly:

A father, who had passed away, appeared in his wife's dream and left a message regarding their son saying, I have gone to the Social Security office and left papers on top of another stack of papers. I don't know why it is taking so long for my son to receive his money. When the mother awoke, she discovered that she did not know that her son was eligible to receive money. She then inquired whether the young boy was eligible for money from social security -- sure enough, he was. The sense of immediacy was apparent in that the father needed to get this message to the mother. If she had not received this message then her son would not have been eligible to claim that money.

In regards to dream content or message, it makes no difference what you've eaten, what time you've gone to sleep or how well you've slept. These factors do not influence the message in the dream. The spirit is only concerned that you look at the message and take care of it immediately. Therefore, your spirit will deliver a message if you nap only a few minutes, or if you sleep for a few hours.

Another issue is the belief that we dream about what we are familiar with. This is not necessarily true. Clues are very important in order to be specific and to be able to identify more precisely what you need to do.

As the previous example demonstrated, the most extraordinary and special type of premonitional dreams are those in which individuals appear after having been deceased for many years. They may appear as mediators between two people when there is a great need or a desire of one person to communicate with the other to resolve a certain situation. Often an extreme urgency is expressed in this type of dream. The message often comes for someone unable or unwilling to communicate (i.e., severe illness, clinical depression, mental disability) and the mediator will reveal how their needs can be met. This individual may not be equipped to express their wants and needs to another person, especially involving matters of the heart. I strongly believe that when you have the honor of being visited by a deceased person, there are certain rules and regulations that must be abided by. They are restricted in the amount of time they can spend with you and as a result they must limit their conversation. Oftentimes, the messages given will consist of short significant clues to steer you in the direction you must go while remaining within the time period allotted to them. These clues will be very inventive and will sometimes be presented in riddles as well as visual charades if they are unable to get the message across in any other way. If they are contacted by you, they may or may not have a little more leeway in complying with your requests.

Still, premonitional dreams may contain helpful messages from live spirits. In other words, people you may or may not know might appear in your premonitional dreams.

An example of the usefulness of premonitional dream is one experienced recently. I had a friend, Justin, many years ago in the 1970's. I also had another friend named Francesca. Neither one knew each other, but I met both of them at approximately the same time. We were very good friends, but as the years went by we drifted apart. Years later I dreamed that I was swimming in the ocean and there was a man swimming in the ocean along with me. Suddenly he was struck on the head by a passing boat. I rushed to help him, but he was unconscious. I knew that I couldn't help him by myself, I needed additional help. I kept saying to myself, Oh God, please help me. Someone needs to help me. At once there was a woman swimming beside me. It was Francesca. I was surprised when I saw her in the dream -- and that it was she who came to help me pull this body out of the ocean. In the next dream frame, I was in front of a hospital. A very good looking man came out. It was Justin. He was dressed up in a beautiful, dark blue suit and had a fresh haircut. I said, Oh, wow, am I glad to see you! He answered, So am I, in fact I'm glad to even be alive. I was struck on the head while on a water-skiing trip and lost my practice because I was in a coma for three months. I have nothing left; I lost my business and my practice, but I'm glad to be alive. If it hadn't been for my parents who stuck by me, I don't know where I would be now. As he said that, I woke up.

That morning, I thought I should call his parents. I hadn't spoken with them for awhile but I called anyway. When the mother answered the phone, I told her that I had had this dream about her son. She said, Well, wait a minute, why don't I call him up and have him return your call. He was living in Los Angeles and I was in San Francisco.

He called back, was really happy to hear from me and wanted to know what all this was about. You know how friends are, even though you haven't seen each other for awhile, you pick up where you left off. I told him my dream and to my surprise he said, Well, I guess that cancels out the waterskiing trip we had planned for the coming weekend. I just got a haircut and I have on a dark blue suit which I purchased for a reception I'm going to right now. I'm very happy that you called and told me about this, because that's the last thing I would want to happen -- to lose my practice and to have to suffer through an accident. He was very grateful about the phone call. This is a perfect example of an individual's (Justin's) spirit being so desperate that an attempt was made. It was successful enough for me to dream and recall the dream completely in order to warn him. I feel that Justin's spirit, through the dream process, may have tried several times to get the message across to Justin's personality but was unable to. I'm convinced that if Justin had been practicing dream processing, he would have been able to assess this information, on his own, from his spirit.

One important clue was that Francesca's role, as a friend, was to encourage a call to Justin because she had offered me assistance in the dream. This prompted me to offer my assistance in reality to Justin. Francesca also appeared because she knew that I would be happy to see her again. Her spirit was eager to make contact with me and assure me that Justin and I would feel the same in reality after talking to each other. That was another way of exploring different capacities that the spirits use. That's the one way the psyche cleverly plays a big role along with the spirit. The teaming up of these two forces utilizes the ability of the imagination to see. We follow the movements of each image and each detail with our eyes. This component of the imagination displays images that enable us to record what we see and recall in our dreams.

Unlike the straightforward premonitional dream previously discussed, there are those that may also contain clues. Premonitional dreams may be partially straight forward and contain subtle clues as well. It is imperative to pay attention to these clues because they often point out a particular time, date and activity. They are also important for other reasons. For example, people who have passed away and come to you in a premonitional dream with clues usually come when there is an urgent message for you or a close member of their family. The message brought will have a direct impact on your life and the messenger's goal is that you try to turn a negative experience into a more positive experience or to capitalize on an opportunity otherwise missed. Clues in premonitional dreams specify details, such as the date, time, whether or not you are on the right track, or are going in the right direction. The clues left behind are pointers to guide you to the right decision. Sometimes you'll have to choose from many different options. For example, you may have ten choices presented to you and all ten have been lined up in front of you for a decision. The clues that have been left in your dreams will enable you to pick one of the ten different opportunities for the exact, specific one you are supposed to choose. No matter how direct the message, you need to choose which option, decide what day, whether the opportunity is to be seized, or if it is too premature, etc.

To give you an example, I had been looking for a medical facility for several months for a project I needed to complete. I had been interviewing several facilities unsuccessfully. I woke up one morning and knew, because of a premonitional dream, that the correct decision would be made that day. The important clue in this dream was an unknown person asking, Did you see the black gypsy lady? That day I had an interview with three different women who were representing their facility. The exciting part was that one of the women to be interviewed by me was a black woman with her hair fixed in a gypsy style. She made a reference to me that she was a Creole woman. There was an immediate flashback to the premonitional dream. So, I assumed that out of the three facilities, the one I should pick was the one represented by the Creole woman who wore a gypsy hairstyle. I have to admit that all of them were professionals. It was a very close margin, but I'm very happy I made the choice that I did, because it was later proven that this was the perfect choice. Clues are an important aspect of dreams because they give the dreamer the tools to specifically identify what they need to do.

Sexual Dreams

Sexual dreams are those that contain sexual expressions when one is in the dream state. At this time the personality gets to analyze its love potential and experience the spirit. This releases all negativity and all tension in consciousness, allowing us to experience the ecstasy one only feels when we are participating in sexual activity. Sexual dreams are also reciprocal. Although the other individual's personality is unaware of its participation in a sexual dream, he or she may be more open to you in real life without knowing why. After all, we are the judicator in this part of our life, if we decide that this is something we want to explore in our outer world. The spirit part of us connects with the other person and we can actually see the connection in the dream state in the form of an aura that leads to that person. Psychics and clairvoyants can easily see this connection. This resembles, at first, a very long umbilical cord. In actuality, it is more of a beam of light than tangible matter, and this wonderful light goes to that other being. Sometimes we will find that, because of this high level of ecstasy and intensity, you can actually feel the other person in a concrete three-dimensional way. It is like the person is really there next to you. The light resembles a long, hollow umbilical cord with a light running through it. It is the same light as an electrical discharge or a strong fluorescent light -- a white color. Once people connect to one another, the excitement creates a mixture of different colors and sparks of light going through it, resembling a diamond with little sparkles. This light umbilical cord connects to the other body through the navel area when we are in love. When two people in love are exercising sexual intercourse, it seems as though the light going through the umbilical cord sparkles with tiny different colored lights. People will also experience different situations that occur while in love, and I believe that the force of this connection plays a role in this. I find that people in a relationship in which one of them no longer wants to be involved will pull and try to split apart. The person wanting to remain in the relationship will then feel tugging and pulling -- the splitting apart of the relationship -- from the stomach area. Once the split has occurred you will no longer dream of being connected through the lighted umbilical cord. There will be a disconnection of the umbilical cord from the abdominal region, and this will result in that butterflies in the stomach feeling one has when they are no longer wanted in a relationship. At this time the person will feel a disconnection -- it happens quickly -- and both individuals will still have the memories of that connection. It will feel as though one has experienced mourning. They are feeling sad or have a sense of loss as if they have lost someone to death. These people will then have the need to go through a grieving period until they are able to take charge of their feelings and go on with their lives. They do need that period of adjustment. Both parties will feel it, but the person desiring to remain in the relationship will sense it more than the person who has tugged away and split apart the relationship. Other people have also experienced the form of this light in a non-sexual way. To most of us this connection is invisible, but it can be sensed in times of distress. At times people seem to know when something is really wrong with a close loved one, (lovers, husbands, wives, children, etc.) and will feel jumpy or feel butterflies in the stomach and have the sense that something is wrong and not know why. It will later be revealed in a dream as well as in reality that a loved one suffered a stressful situation. It is also possible that when someone is truly infatuated, this connection will be attempted through the spirit even if the other is unaware of the infatuation. When the connection is being attempted they will either show interest or be repelled. This differentiates love from being in love. People are very lucky when they have this exquisite force of light invading the body. We call this force love and it enables us to experience being in love. The reason we are all here on this earth is to learn to give and receive love, unconditionally. Through this light umbilical cord we do receive the gift of love. This may occur in dreams as well as reality. It is a gift from a Divinity that we receive unexpectedly throughout life just as we receive the gift of genius of thought, talents, and creativity.

Love as it Relates to Dreams

Love is a gift that needs to be acknowledged and respected. It needs to be viewed and received as a blessing. Love is an emotional gift that one receives from a Divinity. Many people have expressed to me that they don't know what love is, have never experienced love, and don't know if they will ever be in love, although they long for this feeling. Some people may go through their whole lifetime without ever experiencing this emotion. If we are lucky enough to have been chosen to feel the spirit of love, we should be thankful. Once the spirit of love between a couple is abused due to mutual disrespect and petty emotional game playing, it never fully returns. Although couples or loved ones may make up for a wrong, it will never be the same. We simply keep the traces of what we were feeling. Although we attempt to recreate the feeling of love, we can only mimic past feelings because we miss them and wish we still had them. We need to learn to give and receive love, and to communicate love in a more equal and balanced way. We must do everything necessary to ensure longevity of love rather than deplete love. This will ensure that two people can become one, still have separate lives yet survive as one. We need to nourish that feeling and work at it constantly and consistently. Some people are blessed and receive the gift of love more than once. Others, however, will go through life without ever receiving this blessed gift. Whenever love comes, we need to work as a team to keep it alive. When a connection between two people takes place, there is a strong possibility that both parties will experience a deep love for one another. As remarkable as it may seem, you can experience the deep intensity of love in dreams even if you have never experienced this feeling for someone in reality.

Out of Body Experience Dreams

At some point or another you will begin having out of body experiences in dreams. At this point we feel the speed of the spirit traveling in time and from place to place very rapidly. It's a magical experience and difficult to express in words. The body feels very rigid and stationary. Although the spirit doesn't leave the body unattended for very long, it does travel rapidly and accomplishes a great deal in a short period of time. At this time, two special things are occurring. The personality, mind and the spirit are one. Although the body is unable to move and is in a fixed position, the personality has a clear knowledge and memory that the spirit is out of body. Not only have I experienced this myself, but I have had detailed conversations with others who have encountered this phenomenon. There is also the recognition that the spirit is still connected to the body by the illuminated umbilical cord. Although in some cases we have no factual depiction of each event that has occurred, we do awaken with an instilled sense of confidence, and the knowledge necessary for enriching our lives and achieving our goals.

At times, we are invited to participate in the excursion. The body remains behind yet you may feel all of the sensations of travel. Sometimes the events seen are accurately occurring in the here and now, and at other times they are a very accurate depiction of the future. When it comes to assuage loss or longing for another, the spirit will visit another individual geographically. The strength of love between the couple assures that the process of out of body travel becomes simpler and quicker. This has been my personal experience as well as the experience of others who have discussed this phenomenon with me.

Deities, Gods, Goddesses & Extraordinary Figures

The appearance of a deity within a dream leaves us with the feeling of being surrounded by a close light, originating either from the side or directly in front of the face. There is the sense of a voice coming from this light. Visual effects may simultaneously appear in order to arouse the dreamer's curiosity and distract the dreamer from seeing the source of the light. This visual effect is typically an extravaganza of sight and sound, magical and rich enough to hold the dreamer's attention. For example, a waterfall may appear and the dreamer may have no knowledge of its origin. As the dream progresses, it gradually becomes larger and larger. The colors of plants and birds will be intense and rich. The dreamer, therefore, never sees the source of the voice.

You may feel during the dreams about any deity, that you are in a light sleep. It almost feels as though your eyes blink to keep out the light. The voice emanating from the light seems to be male, although there is no real recollection. There is also a sense of having a real conversation. Upon awakening, the gist of the conversation will be recalled in the dreamer's own voice. A higher power/deity may appear to us at any time. Following the dream, there is a feeling of having a knowledge not present before.

There appears, also, to be a time span following these dreams when the dreamer senses that it's all right to share the dream with another person. The dreamer may sense permission to speak about it immediately but at other times will feel that they should wait before telling anyone.

Each time I have interpreted a dream about a deity, the same experiences were recalled. The dreamer sensed a lightness born of the union of the personality and the spirit. This leads to greater clarity in the outer world. These people seem to be able to make decisions in life based on a sense of balance and order from certain experiences and expressions they have gained from the dream experiences. If you are touched by a divine spirit, the sensation of having been touched remains on your skin long after awakening, perhaps even months afterward.

A divinity may also appear during a time of illness. When this occurs, there is often a remarkable, miraculous recovery. Once you are cured, this illness will never come back and you will be even healthier than before.

When you have dreams about a deity, you will usually have a sense of detailed information about a situation that you previously did not have, and you will feel a sense of excitement and wonder for a long period of time. Most of the time you will have no recollection of how you received this information, although you will recall having had this dream. Sometimes you will retain a very detailed memory of the dream.

When I say extraordinary figures, I mean the divine: Jesus Christ, Jupiter, Venus, a high priestess, Buddha, goddesses, etc. When you dream of such figures, you will obtain information that you did not have before, and you will become knowledgeable about something of which you had no prior knowledge. You will be able to recall all the occurrences in detail and everything you said word-for-word in most cases. You may also be left with a feeling that allows you to intuit about the consequences of your present situation and how to respond even if you do not recall the exact words of the conversation. When a special deity appears in one of my dreams, I acknowledge this by thanking them. I am thankful that I have spent time in their company. After the dream, there is, in reality, a sense of excitement in life that remains a long time afterward.

Because these figures walked the Earth years ago, they understand the emotional trials of each day and empathize with the human plight. They come into a dream to show compassion. When they appear, they are often recognized by their attire. Sometimes, however, they do not appear in the way we typically imagine them (i.e., robes, wings, etc.). We have seen many depictions of the appearance of these figures, and the miracles affiliated with the attire at the time the miracles were performed. This may be a large clue when it appears in a dream. We need to pay close attention to the clothing and look for the miracle performed at the time. This is particularly true of the Virgin Mary. She appeared in many different styles of attire in different parts of the world at different times. The miracle associated with a particular style of dress may indicate to you the miracle that could be associated with you as a gift. Consider it a clue only if the miracle could be associated with events occurring at this particular time in your life.

Jesus Christ, saints, Buddha, goddesses, gods, and other extraordinary figures appear as they are, levitate above the ground and will converse with you. The conversation will be vividly recalled. Jesus will appear when a particular knowledge needs to be imparted, not necessarily when a crisis in life is occurring. The saints, various angels, goddesses, gods and other divinities appear when the dreamer is in a very stressful situation or is suffering deep emotions because of someone else's illness or irresponsibility. They will appear to warn the dreamer of a situation that will leave them unfairly punished. This may be a scam, fraud or a trap created by a relentless enemy who will do harm to you. Or they may warn you that something will happen that will deeply affect your life. They will appear also to warn of a misdiagnosed illness so the dreamer may find a proper cure. When you see a saint, this is a sign that it is not your time to die. They want to stress that you experience life as it should be, and therefore, will warn of an impending but preventable accident that will leave you incapacitated. They will step in to ask specific questions and you will be willing to give answers. Any question you ask of them will also result in a quick and true answer. Angels may appear during a severe illness or when you are about to be placed in a situation you have no business being in or when you are being steered off track. They appear especially when you will be placed in a life threatening situation. This will give you the foreknowledge to take steps to avoid this event. I have found this to be true in my case and in discussions with others who have also experienced this.

Dreams about gods and goddesses involve a transformation of some kind. You will usually focus on an object that attracts attention (i.e., a butterfly with brilliant colors). The object will then transform into the god/goddess itself. It is imperative that you pay close attention to all events, objects and clues presented in these dreams. Many of the clues will be revealed through symbols and letterings in the background scenery.

A good example of such a dream was one in which a man was staring at a calm and serene ocean. The ocean transformed itself into a Goddess clothed in blue green opalescent attire that reflected everything in the scene. The man's focus, through the reflection, was guided to an entrance on which a word was imprinted. He looked up the word to find the meaning of this dream. Be aware that many clues will be represented in these dreams, especially symbols, words and letters.

Upon awakening, you will be filled with the knowledge and skills that will assist you in bringing your plans, creative ideas and projects to perfection. You will also be equipped with the confidence, determination, courage and staying power needed to accomplish these tasks. You will develop perfectionism and will emanate charisma.

Dreams associated with ancient gods and goddesses are often associated with luck. You can be certain that after their appearance, something extraordinary and lucky will occur within a short time. Luck is a gift coming through psychic energy whether through dreams or intuition. The energy of luck will manifest itself through hunches that may result in fortuity one way or another in the outer world.

Spiritual Guides

After keeping a dream journal for a while, you will notice that from time to time familiar people will appear in dreams who are totally unknown to you in real life. You may see the same person from dream to dream and soon learn to recognize them, although you never see them in the real world.

Guides in the real world enter your dreams in order to discuss or relay a message.

Verification of this was provided to me in May of 1995 upon completion of this book. I dreamed that I attended a reception in which over seven hundred people were present. I was given a special gift that allowed me to see in all directions, through people and objects, and with special clarity. It became apparent to me that we were together for the purpose of celebrating the completion of a major achievement. Each person in my dream was recognizable to me as someone who had entered my dream state in the past, and had created a dream scenario that helped me to ascribe definitions to the words used in this dictionary. Because some of them consistently appeared to me in a dream state, I became aware that they were my spiritual guides, not only during a dream but also in my outer world. They recruited some guides to create dream scenarios and other guides volunteered to do the same. This allowed me to place definitions to the words needed in this dictionary in order to complete this project. The most lasting impression of this dream was that I was able to thank each individual guide. We were all clothed in the same manner indicating that we were each committed to bringing this book to a unified completion. The dream concluded with each of us meditating in an open space. I still retain a vivid and accurate memory of this dream as well as a strong sense of thankfulness to all who helped in bringing this about.

I was also told about a dream in which a woman stated that someone in her dream informed her that she was her spiritual guide. She said that she was relaxing by a pool and noticed a woman walking in a way that implied she wanted to go unnoticed. The woman in the dream also made it clear that she did not wish the dreamer to speak to her. She crept close to the dreamer and whispered in her ear that there was a conspiracy against her that would ruin her both emotionally and financially. She then placed her finger in the pool. Drops of blood came out of her finger turning the pool reddish pink. Reflected in this water were the faces of the people who were going to commit this crime against her, and the manner in which it would be committed. After this dream, the dreamer was able to prevent this event from occurring. She also recalled that this woman had appeared in other dreams. This verifies that guides are far more aware of what is going on in our everyday lives, because they have been appointed to help oversee our affairs. They use dreams as vehicles to communicate messages to us.

Their function seems to bring information about things you desire to know in everyday life. This can be anything from giving you an address of an old friend, a bargain for an object you desire, or good news such as the birth of a child. They want to make everyday life more enjoyable.


When we respond to our dream language we respond to our own divinity. As I have stated before, dreams have very different capacities from which we can communicate. People who have died will visit in dreams. However, I also know that people who have passed away don't make it a habit of hanging around and coming to see you every chance they get. They will come to see you when they have an urgent need to communicate a message regarding a situation you should or should not pursue. They will also come when you have an urgent need to see them. The spirit of another individual may also enter a dream to thank the dreamer for a favor extended to someone special to them. In either case, they won't stay long. Those who have died suddenly (i.e., by murder or suicide) will visit someone in a dream within twenty four hours. It's very immediate. They will appear only if it is necessary to communicate a specific message, then leave. People who have known for awhile that they were going to die and are prepared for it, will visit a person in their dreams after the eighth day and before the fifteenth day. These people are very happy and look comfortable in their surroundings. The dreams occur during the hypnogogic or hypnopompic state of sleep (the stages of sleep between sleep and wakefulness) and are referred to as channeling dreams. This has been my experience and others have communicated to me that this has been their experience as well.

Art Dreams

When we are experiencing clarity and sanity in our lives, we are better able to tap into our dream processes for ideas, creativity and thoughts. The clearer we are, the easier it is to receive these gifts. These gifts may be demanded, asked for, pled for, and, in some cases, simply given to us by our Divinity, our spirit, other spirits, etc. These gifts may be made tangible in the outer world by the activity of mental inventiveness and intelligence coupled with an acute clarity of thought.

Whether in the arts, scientific endeavors or in everyday life, dreams are like gold mines, and our life allows us to maximize this resource. It is important that when you dream, you get up and jot it down before it disintegrates even if it occurs in the wee hours of the morning. I had an experience with a woman who asked five of us, as artists, to create a design or logo for her new shop three days before it was due. I was unable to come up with anything and wasn't going to submit an idea. Then I had a dream. Because I was a professional dream interpreter, I was better able to use