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T.A. Tomax , the author of the novella "Wrestling the Ally", chronicles the journey of a soul to the outer limits of passion – and out of the ashes of absence and despair into the clear light of the love of life in all its particulars: this tree, this dragonfly, this rock, this afternoon walk, and yes, this grief and this joy. It is simply breathtaking to follow Tomax from the starkness of erotic obsession to the wonders of a deeply textured world of light and shadow, leaf and stone; from finding the world in the beloved to finding the beloved in the world itself: splendid, fragrant, sensual, full of sound and form and color, utterly solid and utterly itself. And yet, Tomax transcends the natural world by a deeply felt seriousness and simplicity of tone that ultimately transforms evocation into invocation and worship. Amor Vacui, indeed.
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Amor Vacui

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