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Whilst meditating, I regressed and found myself in Atlantis. I discovered that I was a scientist, musician, and astrologer. My experiences there were amazing. All the inhabitants of Atlantis had the power to fly, using thoughts to propel themselves. We could also use our minds and the sound of our voices to lift things.
One of my most exciting moments was when a group of scientists and myself transported the Sphinx through the air and placed it where it now stands, in the desert sands of Egypt.

The story begins with no past, no present, and no future, just empty space—not even a star to be seen.
Things began to change when two forms that looked like what we now know as man appeared. Sounds of thunder, flashes of lightning, and what looked like a fireworks display took place as the two manlike forms lifted their arms and spoke in an unknown tongue.
Buildings, angels, and a white mist that we now know as the Milky Way appeared. What is all this about? Is this the beginning of time? Who knows what will happen next. The story unfolds as angels tell it.
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ISBN: 9781466995291
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