This book is all about the fantasies that we have from childhood that go on for as long as we dare to dream. How often have we imagined being somewhere else or someone else? This story allows us to do just that, in our vivid imagination. Pretend that you are living during the time when hybrids inhabited the earth and you were a Mermaid, an Immortal, a God, Fairy or a hybrid of any being. Travel was as easy as being beamed up by a violet flame and you flew through the Cosmos at leisure. But remember the darker side. There are also ogre demons with evil wisdom, and daily life is dangerous for all beings.
Gods will come down to Earth whenever you called them for assistance. Then there is also a time of abuse and suffering because of the shape-shifters and werewolves and long lonely journeys through storms and drought. Experience a journey through the desert into Egypt, and witness the Great Sphinx sink into an abyss caused by an earthquake! Hear the roar of the God of the East as he is liberated from his tomb! So dream on dear one and delight in your adventures!
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466995277
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