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How to Find Your Soul Job: 14 Steps to Find the Work You Were Born to Do

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“How to find your Soul Job” is an inspirational autobiographic tale, designed to revive the fire inside of you, inspire you to run away from a work which is stealing your happiness and help you find the work you were born to do: Your Soul Job.

In the 84 pages of this book, you will learn:

*14 in-depth questions that will help you find your Soul Job.
*How I answered them and the emotional growth it required.
*How to create your own Soul Job checklist.
*How to find your inner-genius.
*How to differentiate a dream job and your Soul Job.
*How to correctly evaluate the positive and negative impact of your current professional situation.
*How to be inspired in the face of adversity, through my personal story.

A Soul Job is a job you are designed to do, were born to do. A soul job is a job where you are guaranteed to be happy. It’s a job that gives you energy instead of stealing it from you. It’s a job that requires your inner-genius. It’s a job where you outclass 50% of the competition, just by being yourself. It’s a job where, if you work hard, you can be the best in the world.

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