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This book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to thework of Willard van Orman Quine, the most important and influentialAmerican philosopher of the post-war period. An understanding ofQuine's work is essential for anyone who wishes to followcontemporary debates in the philosophy of language, the philosophyof mind and metaphysics.

Hookway traces the development of Quine's work from his earlycriticisms of logical positivism and empiricism to his more recenttheories about mind and meaning. He gives particular attention toQuine's controversial arguments concerning the indeterminacy oftranslation, comparing Quine's views with those of Davidson, Putnamand others. Hookway concludes by offering a critical appraisal ofQuine's approach and of some of his fundamental philosophicalcommitments.

This lucid and balanced study will be essential reading forstudents of philosophy. It will also be invaluable for students inthe social sciences and other disciplines who are looking for aclear introduction to Quine's ideas.
Published: Wiley on
ISBN: 9780745667256
List price: $24.95
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