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Give your home a fresh new look. Lexie Barnes shows you how to quickly and inexpensively personalize your living space with 50 fun, pattern-free sewing projects that are highly adaptable and visually inspiring. Dramatic before-and-after photographs demonstrate how easy it is to brighten your living room with a custom-designed slipcover or give new life to a bedroom with a colorful headboard cover, lampshade, and matching window treatments. Get sewing and transform your home into the stylish abode you’ve always craved. 

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ISBN: 9781603427142
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Sew Up a Home Makeover - Lexie Barnes

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THIS ISN’T A BOOK ABOUT DECORATING, and it isn’t really a book about sewing, either. This is a book about little changes that make a big difference. Creating a home of any size, at any stage of life, is exciting. Finding the time and resources to make it just the way you want may seem, at best, overwhelming, and at worst, impossible. After you’ve been in your home for a period of time, it might start to feel too familiar, or dated, or (gulp) boring. This book is full of projects you can make and ideas you can use to add refreshing elements to your living spaces — without breaking the bank or making your family, friends, or yourself crazy in the process! Everything in here is easy to make, without complicated patterns or templates to follow. You can easily customize the projects to suit your style, taste, needs, and budget.

In my house, there’s always some kind of makeover happening. We move the furniture around, we paint, we refinish, we build, and we sew. All of the makeovers are satisfying, but using fabric for your home makeover projects is particularly rewarding because you can really see the bigger transformations happening as each little project comes to life.

Don’t worry about giving the entire house or apartment a makeover all at once. And don’t think you have to move to a new place every time a room feels a little stale. You already have what it takes to make the changes you’d like to see at home: imagination, ingenuity, common sense, and enthusiasm. You don’t have to start at the beginning of the book and make every project in order. You just have to get started. Skip around and see what inspires you. Then hop to it! It’s time for your makeover!

~ Lexie


Makeover Magic

THE SIX BASIC PRINCIPLES OUTLINED IN THIS CHAPTER can help you assess, map out, and achieve your decorating goals — and have a lot of fun while you’re doing it! These principles are the same, no matter who you are or where you live. First, you’ll figure out the style you’re going for. Next, think about how each room or piece needs to function, as well as how to keep it comfortable for you, your cohabitants, and your guests. Take stock of what you already own, what you should get rid of, and what you need to find, make, or buy. Then, look realistically at your budget and your time. Once you’ve considered these six points, you’ll be ready to take on everything, going room by room, one makeover project at a time, until your home is exactly the way you want it to be.


The first step to decorating, we’re often told, is to define your style. This is much easier said than done for most people. I, for one, have never been able to do it. I am fickle and curious and always looking for new ways to express myself through my work, my wardrobe, and my home décor. If I’m feeling urban romantic one day, retro chic a week later, and modern bohemian the day after that, what label should I assign to myself — and to my home?

If you’re like me, and constantly changing your mind, you can’t really label yourself at all, can you? If you changed your décor as often as you change your mood, it would be a very confusing — and expensive — way to live. It’s easy to trade out last year’s boots for this season’s hottest new jeans, but what about your living space? Wallpaper stays up there, right? And you can’t just pull up carpeting because it doesn’t go with your dress. To decorate your home means you have to commit, don’t you? Not exactly.

FIRST, remember that a successfully decorated room is really a collection of individual elements that come together. It’s not a fixed and permanent definition of who you are. Just like you, your home will grow and develop with time. It’s surprisingly easy to make little changes now, allowing you to express the different facets of your personality, while maintaining a successful overall tone or vibe to your home. If you change one or two of those smaller elements, the whole room can look and feel a little different. So when you are feeling flirtatious or bored, you don’t have to move or overhaul the whole house! Just throw on a coat of paint, blend in some new pieces, or move things around and watch the transformation begin.

SECOND, no one expects you to furnish and decorate your entire house overnight. Sure, we think that’s how it should happen. We imagine that everyone else’s home is completely done before they turn the key and that we’re the only ones standing in an empty room without a clue how to begin. But the reality, even for folks with a big budget and a lot of help from professional decorators, is that it takes time to build a nest that feels like home. You can — and should — let your style evolve. Take the time to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Start with one thing you love and build from there. Maybe it’s a piano, a painting, or your couch. Maybe it’s the color blue or a pillow you made. Trust your gut and your own taste, and let your look grow.