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Sew Up a Home Makeover: 50 Simple Sewing Projects by Lexie Barnes is just what the title promises--a fun collection of fairly simple sewing projects that someone without a ton of sewing experience (though I'm not sure a total newbie could do all of them without help) should be able to have success with. I really liked a lot of her ideas and that she showed other options for many projects--simple ways to take the original pattern and give it a little bit of a different twist. I read a lot of quilting magazines, and seeing another way to do a project is always one of my favorite features; it was nice to see that utilized in this how-to book. It can really get the creative juices flowing and help people who have trouble only seeing the options that the original design offers to start to think outside the box, as it were. Even a slipcover for a sofa or chair--a really big project, fabric (and therefore cost)-wise, doesn't seem like such an intimidating prospect with Lexie's directions. I really felt for the first time that with her instructions making a slipcover for my tired old chair--and maybe even my sofa, later on--would definitely be within the realm of possibility. Being an ARC, not all of the "extras" of the book--mostly boxes on the pages offering further ideas and tips--were in place, but from the placeholders that were there, they look to offer additional guidence and more creative options. I look forward to seeing this book in its final form later. Unfortunately, I haven't really had the time to tackle anything but the most basic of projects right now, but I definitely am inspired to pick this book up later after its publication so I can try some of her more involved (though really, none of them are truly difficult; it really is as advertised) patterns. If you're looking for a basic how-to book for using needle, thread, and fabric to spruce up your living space, this would be a great place to start!
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