A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking
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A practical introduction to critical thinking across variousdisciplines

Knowing how to think critically about what to believe and whatto do is essential for success in both academic and professionalenvironments. A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking introducesreaders to the concepts, methods, and standards for thinkingcritically about reasons and arguments in virtually any area ofpractice. While most literature on critical thinking focuses on itsformal applications within philosophy, this book offers a broadconception of critical thinking and explores its practicalrelevance to conducting research across a wide variety ofdisciplines, including business, education, and the biologicalsciences.

While the book pursues an interdisciplinary approach to criticalthinking, providing examples and illustrations from diversesubjects and fields of research, it also provides strategies tohelp readers identify the methods and standards that arecharacteristic of critical thinking in their chosen branches oflearning, in their workplace, and in their own lives. The conceptof an argument is extended beyond its philosophical roots toinclude experimentation, testing, measurement, policy developmentand assessment, and aesthetic appreciation as activities thatrequire critical thinking. The logical, core concepts of criticalthinking are presented in a rigorous yet informal way, withcreative and practical strategies for defining, analyzing, andevaluating reasons and arguments wherever they are found. Eachchapter ends with a "Mistakes to Avoid" section as well as avariety of exercises designed to help readers integrate and extendthe chapter's lessons.

A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking is an excellent book forcourses on critical thinking and logic at the upper-undergraduateand graduate levels. It is also an appropriate reference for anyonewith a general interest in critical thinking skills.

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